Coronado Steel specializes in customer-specific heat-resistant metal fabrications and castings for industrial applications in the petrochemical industry, heat-treating businesses and heavy manufacturing operations, as well as the oil and gas industry.

Fabrications Include:
  • Stainless steel inner covers
  • Furnace fans
  • Charge plates
  • Convection plates
  • Radiant tube assemblies, Furnace rolls and Retorts
  • Complete line of castings and fabrications for the steel industry
  • Diffusers
  • Plenums (Open Coil & Wire)
  • Wire spiders
  • Crib liners and muller bottoms
  • Fabricated Pipe Hanger HK40

Incorporating stainless steel and more exotic metals and alloys into the casting process helps Coronado tap a market left relatively untouched by typical foundries. Utilizing metals such as yttrium, indium and gallium help make the components stronger, lighter and more durable.